Factors To Consider when Choosing Assisted Living Lethbridge

A critical look at the options of senior housing shows that assisted living lies in the midst of independent living and nursing home care. Assisted living Lethbridge provides accommodation, social services and various other support and care services in residential, home-like setting. The accommodation that is offered may be private or semi private. There may be private or shared baths but in most cases there is emergency response that is available 24 hours.

The social services that are offered include recreational, social and meal programs. Laundry and housekeeping services are also offered.  The senior citizens are also assisted with oral hygiene, grooming, dressing, bathing, eating as well as help with medication. Some assisted living facilities in Lethbridge may provide nursing services while others may not. The cost of living in most facilities is subsidized by the government but in others there may be no subsidy.

How do you choose assisted living facility in Lethbridge?

The finding of assisted living facility that is suited to your needs and budget requires time and exercise of patience.  The best place to begin the search is over the internet. There are many assisted living facilities in Lethbridge. However, not all of them are suited to you. You should conduct some independent research if you want to choose the most ideal one. It is also recommended and encouraged that the person who is moving to the assisted living facility should be helped by friends and family. The elderly person should also be offered moral support in the making of decisions and the necessary arrangements.

The factors that you should consider in your choice include the following

The services offered:

The reason why a senior person seeks assisted living Lethbridge is that he or she is need of some essential services.  The range of services offered may vary from one facility to the other.  You should choose the facility that offers those services that enable you to live your life to the fullest extent.  If you have a health condition such as diabetes, the assisted facility should have health professionals and facilities to help you manage that condition.  Some other vital services that should be offered at the facility include bathing, ironing, laundry, dressing, oral hygiene, shaving, etc.


Is the assisted living facility conveniently located?  You should choose assisted living facility that is near to place of work or residence of your family members or relatives. It should also be located close to churches, hospital, transports systems and other facilities.


The cost of services offered at assisted living facilities varies widely.  The cost may be quite high especially if there is no subsidy from the government.  In general, the private assisted living lethbridge  facilities are cheaper as compared to the community owned assisted living facilities. The facilities that are owned or managed by charitable organizations are also cheaper.


Does the assisted living facility have the reputation of serving and treating elderly persons fairly? You should read reviews and enquire from friends to find out whether an assisted living facility has positive reputation.


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